portfolio > elegies for forgotten thoughts

A thought, just out of reach, but then dissolved eternally. Initially a frustration, later a loss: a loss never granted the honor of recognition, of memorial. You will not remember that you lost it. It is simply gone.

Passing and Winding/Weaving/Warning/Weeping reach toward and around these sentiments of fleetingness and impermanence. A raw clay vessel, fallible and ineffective in its designated function, does not hold water; instead, it faces the threat of disintegration as viewers wear away at the object with the water provided (or is this simply a transformation, a return to an original state?). Tenuously linked drawings, many simple explorations of marks and verbs, float and tumble downward through space, fragile, ephemeral as a tributary creek threatening to dry up.

Viewers are encouraged to approach, touch, and interact with this work. It too may be caught in the undertow of forgetting or not knowing, joining the knotted deluge beneath.

unfired clay, ceramic, fabric, thread, paper, pencil
mixed media on paper, thread, ceramic, needle